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Honour The Foundations  
What are your current ethical practices?

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Honour The Foundations

The Consultancy Package
with Mikaela Egan

"There is no one size fits all within Aboriginal communities. This will give you a solid starting point or it will refresh the current strategies you have in place."


 ·  Pre-consult Questionnaire
 ·  90-minute Strategy Session via Zoom
 ·  Follow-up Email with Action Steps & Ethics PDF
 ·  2-weeks Unlimited Voice Support (WhatsApp)

Your Business Investment: $1,155 + GST



Cultural Awareness in the Health and Wellness Industry is more important than ever. Not because it’s never been important but because as the global consciousness shifts and people start realising how rife cultural appropriation and exploitation has become – we must not remain ignorant.

We have a responsibility.

You’re here because you want to ensure your business practices are ethical and sustainable when resourcing native ingredients or botanicals for your products, when approaching First Nations people or businesses for engagement, consultation or co-design.

Or you’re just beginning your business journey and you want to build cultural integrity into its foundations.

For over 60,000 years Aboriginal people have been cultivating a land of abundance. Colonisation affected not only human beings but saw anthropologists engage in “botanical colonisation”. Most of our native foods and medicines were either wiped out or greatly diminished as a result of these practices.

Fast forward to 2020 and it is becoming “sexier and sexier” to incorporate bush foods into products whether for true benefit or a marketing ploy. The bush foods industry is a 20-million-dollar industry with only 1% off that being owned by Indigenous Australians.

This is where you might be wondering – have I done something wrong? The short answer is, no, not necessarily.

We share this land, but it’s important to honour the traditional custodians of the land and acknowledge and be aware of the 60,000 + years of history in Aboriginal Australia. A history of cultural practices that were colonised, forbidden and taken from Aboriginal people with the attempt to eradicate them as a “dying race”.

This is your opportunity to honour that in a truly meaningful way.

You’re ready to go beyond the optics and you’re ready to commit to sustainable action that leaves a lasting imprint in your businesses ethical code and has an impact that reaches local Aboriginal communities. 

Australian Native Bush
Mikaela Egan Muthi Muthi Woman


We will take a look at and analyse your current practices. Think of this like an informal company cultural audit – what are you currently doing to ensure you’re a culturally safe and respectful organisation? What are your current ethical practices?

Our 90-minute session will enable time for us to talk through your vision, actions and potential strategies. Together we want to co-create sustainable and authentic solutions that ensure maximum impact. Upholding cultural integrity first and foremost.
Strategic planning will help you make informed decisions about culturally inclusive solutions that aren’t performative but embedded in your organisations best practice.

We will talk through guiding principles, ethics, values and cultural protocols that apply to your business practices i.e.product sourcing, marketing, profit sharing etc.

Think of me like your own personal research assistant where you can ask as many questions as you have, make sure you’re on the right track, doing the right thing and taking the right steps.

When I say ‘right’ I mean, appropriate. There is no one size fits all within Aboriginal communities. This will give you a solid starting point or it will refresh the current strategies you have in place.


 ·  Small to Medium Companies
 ·  Health and Wellness Retail

For example:
 ·  Skin Care
 ·  Essential Oils
 ·  Food Based
 ·  Health Foods
 ·  General Health and Wellness  



Cuppa & Yarn

A Pick-My-Brain Session
with Mikaela Egan

Mikeala Egan Cultural Awareness Consultant


You have questions, you have already brainstormed or googled and have a good idea what you want to ask. It might be in relation to cultural awareness, cultural safety, history, health and wellbeing.

You might be looking for guidance on your next steps whether it be in your business or for a project.

Step into a brave space and let’s have a yarn.

It won’t be as casual as it sounds – it will be a strategic yarn over a cuppa.


 · 45 minutes
 · Via Zoom

Your Business Investment: $119.00 + GST

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