An Introduction into Cultural Awareness + Truth Telling


You’ve landed on our new offering "An Introduction into Cultural Awareness & Truth-Telling." This is a short course with content shared from the larger CATT 7-week immersion.

In this course you will receive the Week 1 content that is offered in the 7-week course as well as two bonuses. You will have access to one bonus video titled ‘Walking Together’ and the guided narrative meditation given to participants in the 7-week course. 


Cultural Awareness

Cultural Awareness is being aware of and sensitive to the different elements that not only make up your culture but that of others from different cultural backgrounds.

It is understanding other ways of knowing, being & doing so that we can see from another perspective. It is the foundation of effective communication but most importantly a way of showing respect when working with someone who holds a different set of cultural values than your own. 


In this case, it’s about telling the truth of how this country came to be. About the sacrifice, genocide & absolute resilience of Australia’s First Nations people.

Not only will you learn about Aboriginal Australia from a historical perspective we also take an in depth look at Aboriginal affairs from a current political, social and cultural perspective.

This is where the key to your ally-ship lies.

Awareness is always the first step. You will gain an in-depth understanding of the role not only the Aboriginal community plays but you play in the healing and responsibility of our nation.


  • You’re not quite ready to commit to the 7-week course
  • You’re looking for a short course that you are able to complete in your own time on your schedule 
  • You don’t know where to start, or you have started and are looking to continue your learning in an honest and guided space 

This is a really great starting place for your journey and learning into cultural awareness and the history of Aboriginal Australia.

What’s possibly a different version of history than what you were taught at school. The real history of Aboriginal Australia. It might be uncomfortable – in fact, it will be uncomfortable, but as a Nation we must learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable in order to grow and start to walk together in a meaningful and productive way. 


Week 1 gives you a generous amount of content to lay the foundations of your learning into the history of Aboriginal Australia.

Week 1

Invasion & The Destruction
Of Aboriginal Ways

  • European Invasion & “terra nullius” 
  • 500 Nations (Aboriginal Australia)
  • Dispossession, Disease & Conflict
  • Language, Terminology, Aboriginal Identity

You are welcome to use the content shared during week 1 to continue or further your own learning in your own time.

The content is taken directly out of the 7-week course so that if you do decide to join the immersion you will already have a head start and not have to repeat any content, but of course you are most welcome to, after all you do have lifetime access to all of our courses!

If you do decide to join the 7-week course you will get the price of this short course off the immersion.


  • Week 1 content (from CATT the 7-week immersion)
  • Bonus Guided Narrative Meditation (from CATT the 7-week immersion)
  • Bonus video ‘Walking Together’ 
  • Unique log-in with lifetime access to the course
  • Activity Feed to yarn with other participants of this short course
  • *Please note there are no live components to this course. Live Yarns are offered in the 7-week immersion only.
  • All videos come with closed captions

Bonus Video
‘Walking Together’ 

This bonus video has been made specifically for this short course. In this video I share some of the content that we cover as we reach week 6 and 7 of the 7-week immersion.

Walk away with a good understanding of what we cover in the immersion but also so that you have some more practical information that you can use and integrate right now.

I touch on:

  • The health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people today – some helpful resources 
  • Values & Protocols– keeping in mind that this is just a guide that will assist you in your own further exploration and learning as I am not the cultural authority that speaks on behalf of all communities.
  • Ways you can support Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Communities I share my views on these things and offer you some guidance on your cultural awareness journey. 


$297.00 AUD


2x fortnightly payments of $148.50 AUD

If you do decide to join the 7-week course you will get the price of this short course off the immersion. 


If you are Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander, this is the history of you, your family and your ancestors, please pay only what you feel you would like to or are able to contribute. Please email us.



I’m so looking forward to connecting with you all and seeing the new connexions you make with each other.

You are thinking about embarking on some pretty deep & important work and I thank you for trusting me to guide you through. 

With Love & Solidarity, 

Mikaela Egan