Cultural Awareness
+ Truth Telling

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Cultural Awareness

Cultural Awareness is being aware of and sensitive to the different elements that not only make up your culture but that of others from different cultural backgrounds.

It is understanding other ways of knowing, being & doing so that we can see from another perspective. It is the foundation of effective communication but most importantly a way of showing respect when working with someone who holds a different set of cultural values than your own. 


In this case, it’s about telling the truth of how this country came to be. About the sacrifice, genocide & absolute resilience of Australia’s First Nations people.

Not only will you learn about Aboriginal Australia from a historical perspective we also take an in depth look at Aboriginal affairs from a current political, social and cultural perspective.

This is where the key to your ally-ship lies.

Awareness is always the first step. You will gain an in-depth understanding of the role not only the Aboriginal community plays but you play in the healing and responsibility of our nation.


This is an opportunity to sit in “circle” (online) with myself and others to learn & immerse yourself in what’s possibly a different version of history than what you were taught at school.

The real history of Aboriginal Australia. It might be uncomfortable – in fact, it will be uncomfortable, but as a Nation we must learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable in order to grow and start to walk together in a meaningful and productive way.

If you are working with Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander communities in any capacity it is important that you have completed cultural awareness or cultural safety training of some description. It is also important to note that completing a cultural awareness training does not equate to cultural competence. This is an ongoing process of humility which we will dive into more deeply during the course. 


The training will be held over 7 consecutive weeks and is designed to be flexible for you to go at your own pace. However, there will be weekly live components, so you will need to complete the course content prior to jumping on the live calls. 

The live calls are designed for you to be in a safe/brave environment to be able to feel into it, share, ask questions and unpack some of the themes that arise. 


  • 7 weeks to intentionally learn and reflect as a group
  • Unique log in with lifetime access to the course 
  • Pre-recorded lecture content to watch at your own pace (before the live calls)
  • 6 hours of live Q&A debrief time with me - held Tuesdays 11:00am & 7:30pm AEST (Starting Week 2)
  • Be in a space to ask questions (something to take advantage of) 
  • Reflective practice prompts and worksheets
  • Yarning group for support along the way
  • 7 weeks and beyond of community connexion
  • It will also give you free cuppas (from your kitchen) and deadly yarns! (don’t worry, we will cover Aboriginal English words in the course)


You’ll receive 7 weeks of in depth content, sharing, unlearning and relearning; with the flexibility to watch the live recorded content as well as weekly live components where you have access to me for unpacking, asking questions and support.

You’ll learn about different topics each week and there are a few exercises and activities that will be included exclusively for you every week.

These are:
· Deep Listening exercise/narrative meditation
· Reflective practice journal prompts
· An episode of First Australians (no longer available on SBS)

Week 1

Invasion & The Destruction
Of Aboriginal Ways

  • European Invasion & “terra nullius” 
  • 500 Nations (Aboriginal Australia)
  • Dispossession, Disease & Conflict
  • Language, Terminology, Aboriginal Identity

Week 2

Treatment & Survival

  • What Happened After The Invasion?
  • Intro to Aboriginal Reserves and Missions
  • A Resilient People
  • Government Policy

Week 3

The Lore Of The Land & Diverse Nations

  • Kinship & Social Structures (Destroyed)
  • Beliefs, Customs, Tradition & Ceremony
  • The Christian Influence

Week 4

The Stolen Generations &
Walking In Two Worlds

  • The Stolen Generations
  • The National Apology (2008)
  • What Does It Mean To Walk In Two Worlds?

Week 5

Movements, Activism & Resilience

  •  Aboriginal Heroes & Leaders
  •  The Beginning Of Recognition
  • Activism & Social Justice Movements
  • A Timeline Of Historic Moments

Week 6

Aboriginal People Today

  • Policies & Progress
  • The Health Of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People
  • The Effects Of Intergenerational Trauma

Week 7

Are you ready to walk together on this journey?



  • Be a space to ask questions (something to take advantage of) 
  • Give you the time and space to check in on your own cultural bias and learn ways in which we can effectively walk together
  • We meet you where you are.


  • 21-hours of cultural awareness and training
  • A unique log in to the course and group with lifetime access 
  • A brave space to feel it all and be held in that space 
  • Begin or further your awareness of Aboriginal Australia and Australia’s Black history 

Added Bonus Valued at $297 AUD

1:1  Guidance & Mentoring Session with Mikaela (60 minutes)

- Go deeper into your self-discovery process
- Privately unpack course material
- Explore your ally-ship in practice
- An opportunity to ask more questions

Redeemable during the 7-week immersion and up to 2 weeks post course completion.

Cultural Awareness & Truth-Telling Facilitator 



$1,997 AUD


Flexible options
2-6 months plans with fortnightly payments (10% deposit)

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If you are Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander, this is the history of you, your family and your ancestors, please pay only what you feel you would like to or are able to contribute. Please email us.


  Enrolments for our May Immersion are now closed.  Join the waitlist for our August Immersion. See May immersion schedule below.

All live yarns will be recorded and uploaded into your course portal, so don't worry if you can't make them all! 

Once you have enrolled you will receive an email to create your course log in, then you will have some material including a welcome video to walk you through how to use your course portal.

All the information and live yarn links will be accessed through your portal.


I’m so looking forward to connecting with you all and seeing the new connexions you make with each other.

You are thinking about embarking on some pretty deep & important work and I thank you for trusting me to guide you through. 

With Love & Solidarity, 

Mikaela Egan