The Wellbeing Connexion

Weaving the threads of wellbeing for transformation


Is a brave haven for personal and collective growth.

Weaving the threads of wellbeing to facilitate a transformative process within.

You are welcome here as you are

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Holistic Support  

Here you’ll be supported to connect the threads together in your journey, to weave information and knowledge as you grow and evolve.

This connection is a process, teaching us how to heal and guide us on our unique individual and collective paths.

Each thread holds a different story birthed through the hands of our community, kin and ancestors and through our lived experiences.


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Holistic Support

Cultural Awareness & Truth-Telling

Hey it's me!

I’m Mikaela Egan, a proud Muthi Muthi/Gunditjmara woman, founder of The Wellbeing Connexion and bold truth-teller.

As a woman of mixed heritage, understanding and honouring my identity has been one of the threads of wellbeing I’ve had to weave on my well being journey. It’s the thread of my story that speaks to walking in two worlds, and has been a vital part of my journey to wholeness.

My story has been one of joy and one of pain but it is also one of growth, healing & strength. Throughout my career working in Aboriginal health as a Public Health Practitioner I always felt there was something missing in the way we went about our business promoting health and wellbeing.

There seemed to be a stigma when it came to acknowledging or understanding what is considered today “alternative” healing and wellbeing modalities. Coming from a profession where the academic evidence base is King, I constantly felt like I had to compartmentalise a knowing within me that didn’t seem to be understood or find its place in this professional world.

I knew there was so much more within every human being and strategy - a potential that wasn’t going to be reached or understood only through an academic peer review process.

One of my skills is weaving connections and bridging the gap between the evidenced based world and the “alternative” healing & intuitive guidance world.

It didn’t feel right, which was reinforced as I embarked on my own healing journey. And so, over time I gathered information, training and knowledge in various modalities. I became a student of Reiki, a Life Coach and a certified Wayapa Wurrk practitioner. Certificates to add to my bachelors degree in Health Sciences/Public Health.

My non-linear path of healing from anxiety and depression led me in search for ways outside of the typical Western health care system to support the wellbeing of others.

I consider myself to be a lifelong learner.

a lifelong learner

I value both the measurable and immeasurable and I believe that all people, schools of thought and disciplines have something to teach us. If only we will take the time to listen.

“By creating a world where we share and accept each others stories without judgment or prejudice, by creating a world where each of us takes responsibility for our place and all things in our place, by creating a world where we share all that we have, we will see individuals, communities, regions, states, countries, continents and the entire earth better able to achieve fulfilment and wellbeing” - Paul Callaghan, The Dreaming Path

I come from working in Aboriginal health for 6 years where I worked in the areas of food & nutrition, health promotion, community development, project management, research and executive management.

new season of life

Now in this new season of life, I’m here to combine my professional and lived experience to offer you coaching, mentoring and guidance on your journey. I draw from Aboriginal ways of being and worldview combined with an understanding of Western ways to walk a path that nurtures wellbeing in this modern world.

My hope is that I can support you to be bold, be brave and have the courage to step outside of your comfort zone to grow and weave the threads of your own wellbeing.

Mikaela Egan

Qualifications & Training

  • Bachelor of Health Sciences/Public Health (BHScPH)
  • Diploma, Wayapa Wuurrk Practitioner 
  • Certificate, Life Coaching, Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy
  • Nutrition, Health & Wellness Coaching Certification, Well College Global (in progress)

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