The Wellbeing Connexion

A culturally safe and inclusive service.


The Wellbeing Connexion is an education, coaching and consultancy service.

A sacred space that encourages cross cultural connections, collaborations and personal sovereignty. We value education, guidance and mentorship that allows you to come into new knowledge that expands your ways of knowing, being and doing.

We are committed to creating safe space, building community connections and supporting self-healing. We do this through delivering workshops, training and events, and consultancy - all grounded in a holistic mindset. 

Aboriginal Bush Foods by the Fire

When you’re unlearning & relearning, no matter the topic, you’re expanding into a new level of consciousness that requires you to go inward and deeply reflect.

We offer you the opportunity to do this in a few ways.


  • Cultural Awareness & Truth-Telling: A 7-week Online Immersion 
  • Consultations tailored to your Business 
  • Educational Workshops and Webinars 
  • Retreat Support and Sponsorship (coming soon)

Free Resources - coming soon

  • Spirituality 
  • Earth Connection 
  • Food & Nutrition 
  • Movement 
  • Culture
  • Social Justice etc.

WBX is a space that centres you and your lived experience and that centres offerings on access & equity. It’s important to us that everything we offer is accessible to all and we are transparent in saying that offerings are discounted or at no cost for Aboriginal and/Torres Strait Islander individuals and organisations.

What does this mean? 

It means that we apply the Aboriginal definition of health to all of our education, resources and workshops.

We know that this is not only going to serve our community but it will serve everyone. This is the very foundation that is missing from the modern day society that we are all living in. A holistic approach, earth, mind, body, spirit, is essential to reclaiming our sovereignty and regaining power and control over our own lives.

Here at WBX is where evidence based and intuitive guidance meet.

We believe that there has to be strong intention & purpose behind the creation of a service or offering and so we carefully curate experiences and teachings that allow you to not only express who you really are but to realise your full potential as a human being.

We meet you where you are. 

Women from the Wellbeing Connexion RetreatNative Aboriginal Bush with Yellow Flowers
Mikaela Egan, a proud Muthi Muthi/Gunditjmara


that's me! Mikaela Egan

Hey you mob,

I’m Mikaela Egan, a proud Muthi Muthi/Gunditjmara woman on my father's side and a white Australian on my mother's side with heritage that goes back to Scotland, Ireland, Belgium and England. I’m a daughter, sister, aunty, partner and community member. Family is the heart and soul of everything I do and they always come first.

In my working life I am the Founder of The Wellbeing Connexion, a Photographer, Artist, Life Coach and Public Health Practitioner working in Aboriginal health for the past 5 years.

I’ve worked in the areas of food & nutrition, health promotion and community development. I have experience in program design and development, policy development, evaluation, research, resource development and social marketing.

Over the years I have grown to stand strong in grounding Aboriginal ways of knowing, being and doing at the centre of everything I do as an individual or as a team member in an organisation in this sector.

Progressively over the past 5 years I have learnt a lot about how we as individuals operate within a larger system and just how much we are influenced by external agendas, colonial thinking and doing more of the same.

I love working in my community to help create healthier lives for our mob. I believe that we can truly set an example by being the change we wish to see in order to achieve the best outcomes for all people.

My philosophy in life is to create change and evoke healing in our own lives and communities in order to move forward and live our best possible lives with the resources that we have. As a creative person I am able to express myself and my culture through different art forms, teaching, coaching and I am truly blessed to be able to openly share that with not only the Aboriginal community but to all Australians.

Mikaela Egan

Muthi Muthi Woman with Possom Skin


Here at The Wellbeing Connexion we value collaboration and believe it's important to learn from a variety of perspectives. Our collaborators bring the perfect blend of intuitive guidance and evidence based (or scientific) practice to guide you on the journey that feels right for you.

You will notice collaborations in a “pop-up” type way where guests will run workshops and webinars at different times according to what you are needing or what is being requested.

This will be from:
· Health Professionals
· Nutritionists
· Health Coaches
· Life Coaches
· Personal Trainers
· Energy Healers and more

Our commitment is to build and maintain relationships with those who share similar values and have an understanding of the social, cultural, historical and political determinants of health and wellbeing.

Let me introduce you to two incredible women that have supported the journey of The Wellbeing Connexion from its beginnings.

Jacara is a proud Muthi Muthi/ Gunditjmara woman and Wayapa Practitione

Jacara Egan 

Jacara is a proud Muthi Muthi/ Gunditjmara woman and Wayapa Practitioner with over 10 years experience as a Mental Health Social Worker.

Her passion is using Talking and Movement Therapies and modes of practice to walk with people on their healing and well being Journey.

Tracy Hardy

Tracy is a Gamilaroi Sista, freshwater woman, an Accredited Practising Dietitian /Nutritionist and founder of Wattleseed Nutrition & Dietetics. Tracy is also a Wayapa Wuurrk Practitioner and qualified beauty therapist.

Her passion is fusing her knowledge in nutrition sciences and mindful eating; experience in beauty and skin therapies; and learnings on Australian native bush foods and botanicals, traditional knowledges, deep listening and movement practices so to connect people with a holistic and sustainable approach to self-determining their health and wellbeing of mind, body, land and spirit

Tracy is a Gamilaroi Sista, freshwater woman, an Accredited Practising Dietitian /Nutritionist and founder of Wattleseed Nutrition & Dietetics. Tracy is also a Wayapa Wuurrk Practitioner and qualified beauty therapist.


All people connect, learn and expand into spirited freedom


To provide education, learning and healing experiences cross culturally. 


· Respect & reciprocity
· Access & equity
· Freedom
· Integrity
· Compassion


· Walk together
· Honour knowledge both ancient and new
· Lead by example, teach with purpose
· Self-determining, heart based foundations 

create change evoke healing