Why Cultural Awareness & Truth-Telling? and why it is integral to the foundations of The Wellbeing Connexion

As your Cultural Awareness & Truth-Telling Facilitator - My background and expertise are in Holistic Health & Wellbeing, Public Health, Health Promotion and Policy and Advocacy in Aboriginal Health.


I bring my knowledge of organisations, systems, mindsets, attitudes and behaviours of working in a sector that promotes:

Aboriginal Health as 'Everyone's Responsibility'.

The Aboriginal definition of health is far more - all encompassing - of wellbeing than the traditional definition of health implies. I found myself often saying "this is a model that can be applied across all populations". It encompasses the social & cultural determinants of health and prioritises social and emotional wellbeing as the foundation for physical and mental health.

And so I would often ponder what the "right" language was for whitefullas (and other non-Aboriginal populations) when it comes to decolonising health and health care. It's important to note that Aboriginal organisations are made up of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal employees - working together.

I quickly realised that in order to work together productively it was important for non-Aboriginal staff to embark on a journey of cultural humility - continuously learning how to show up effectively in this space. It was here that my journey of working cross-culturally began. And it was here I realised I (and other Aboriginal staff) became teachers.

We were not only experts in our chosen fields, but experts in understanding history and culture and how it impacts our lives today. I naturally found myself sharing knowledge, researching, doing "on the spot cultural awareness lessons", it was great. And so I wanted to bring that into the foundations of this business.

Nobody "loses" by being sympathetic to Aboriginal Affairs or working in Aboriginal Health. Using Aboriginal models of health doesn't have to be separate from your own view on health and wellbeing if we are working towards decolonising, unlearning, reshaping and redefining health as "alternatives" to a western model of health.

The benefits of Cultural Awareness & Truth-Telling as your starting point is that you:
a) get to learn the truth (and the truth always sets you free)
b) learn how to be an ally
c) you get a truly holistic picture of health and wellbeing
d) you learn from the oldest living culture in world
e) you find your own sense of belonging to this place that is Australia.

And we know that having a strong sense of belonging is integral to overall health and wellbeing.
Not only will you become more culturally aware, you'll be guided to deepening your understanding of culture and identity and how it relates to you.

Remember, no one "loses" by being sympathetic to Aboriginal Affairs.