Our Brand Story

Our Brand Story 

I'm popping in to share a story with you.

The first stage of The Wellbeing Connexion refresh - Visual Branding.

The process was absolutely incredible, more than I could ever expect. It's much more than just graphic design. The story of The Wellbeing Connexion is encoded into every element of the branding.

And I have the incredible team at Sophie Co. to thank for this experience.


So let me introduce you firstly to the colour palette.

Earth Tones Colour Palette for The Wellbeing Connexion

The colours were channelled with inspiration from words like, earth, cleansing, connection, cuppa teas and warm hugs, riverbank, ochre, healing, safety, warmth, spirited, freedom, power, bold, inner peace and more.

And here's what they mean in order from left to right of the above colour palette.

Rich in knowledge
After the rains come
After the heaving soaking of the rain
It starts to fade
We start to come into our knowledge
and we start to use that knowledge.
Skin colour representation.
Whilst the dark brown colour of some of our skin it isn’t for all
and so, the knowledge is held within all of our diverse communities
and we all have that knowledge of in our ways of knowing, being and doing.

Fire holds great spiritual meaning of stories, memories and dance being passed down around the fire. A sacred space for storytelling and listening. Fire is an important symbol used in many practical ways.

This shade of mustard brings a cheerful and warm energy. It inspires us to remain open minded and can lead to enhanced creativity and artistry. It brings about your self-expression and increases your intuition.

Pink is a colour that we associate with desert sunsets. Pinks have been used by many contemporary Indigenous artworks, especially by women since the mid 1980's to reveal and celebrate the women’s stories with colours that resonated.

Pink brings us to an emotional state of acceptance, offering a balancing combination between action and understanding. It helps us to look within. Many artists and healers will often have pink auras, this is because this shade brings a natural curiosity and a strong desire for love and peace. You will have strong psychic abilities, beautiful loyalty, imagination, and a generously giving spirit.



Mookaite Jasper assists with decision making and instills a sense of calm & peace. Mother Earth Stone helps to balance energy and assists in guiding towards the right direction.
This stone helps to stimulate your intuition and your emotions. It will also release toxic and negative energies around you and unleash your inner confidence

This colour is positive, gentle, and empathetic. It takes all the desire and energy of red and tempers it with the purity of white, giving us tenderness and affection, and passion.

It is unconditional and calming with a hope filled feminine intuition. It is mature, responsible and confident.

Healing Mud is a cleansing clay for detoxification. It reminds us to look to nature for healing, just as the animals use clay for medicine. Clay provides us with many minerals that life cannot exist without.

This colour enhances our innate personal integrity and helps to provide focus. It symbolises purity faith and sincerity. It is dependable, conservative, and flexible as well as neutral, calm, and relaxing.

This soft colour sets a relaxed tone of understated elegance with a quiet coolness. It is all about tenderness and gracious strength in maturity.

I have no other words to add to this stunning pallet! The descriptions say it all 🤗 I hope you feel it too.

You will also notice a monogram version of our logo at the top of this post and on our socials on the healing mud background. If you look closely you can see some of the pattern in our new logo.

You’ll also notice the shadows or the dappled light - an element to represent our shadows and deep listening and quiet still awareness that connects us and nurtures our spiritual well-being.


And here is our new logo - Packed with so much energy, love & strength!

The team at Sophie Co have really created something so special and I couldn't recommend them highly enough! If you aren't already head over and follow them on Instagram here. 

The Wellbeing Connexion Logo
And here is the beautiful meaning behind all the elements you see here - a quick suggestion! Turn your head and look at it from all different angles, there are so many different perspectives one might see in the emblem.
This is truly more than just graphic design. The process in itself was one of the most incredible parts and so important to coming to the final outcome. Sophie & Rachel really care so deeply about making sure your brand is encoded with the energy of your vision.

I even found that through the process I have some "copy" to use on our website (which is also coming soon) and socials.

So much HEART, LOVE & COLLABORATION in this partnership of creation.

And there is more. Check out these logo perspectives that you'll see weave in and out of The Wellbeing Connexion offerings...

Along with the elements I have already shared you will also notice some other bits and pieces here and there, like our gorgeous illustrations & other graphic elements.

I'm so stoked! The first phase is done!

All is revealed and I'm incredibly happy 😊